The world is not as it once was and ADICTA LAB is based in a region where it’s impossible to ignore that reality. The glaciers we ride past are rapidly retreating and it’s shockingly obvious, right from the road. Our summers are far hotter and snow levels are clearly lower than 10 years ago. Switzerland offers all of the ingredients required for truly epic biking adventures and we desperately want this to continue, not just for ourselves but for future generations of cyclists to come. This is not just a dream, it’s a real part of our journey as a brand. On our journey, how a product is made is just as important as the product itself. We want to take this journey with you, as a community, with a shared sense of purpose and responsibility. Using a bio-innovative and scientific approach with a minimalist mindset, we want to focus on fewer and better, natural rather than nasty chemicals, recycling and reusing, less resources and energy, product longevity, minimal waste and trace.

We’re a young brand and that has its advantages when considering sustainability. We don’t have 20 years worth of processes that need to be analysed and redesigned; we’re responsive and flexible. So we’ve made it one of our priorities, to constantly reevaluate our processes so that we can adjust and evolve in an ever-more sustainable direction, step-by-step as we grow.


Our initial product offering is small and focused. We make the raw essentials, better with less, and we make them to last. Only pieces that we think you’ll need, in just a few variations, with no unnecessary details. We’ve kept our order quantities low to avoid waste. The more we get to know you, the better we’ll understand what you want and like, and adjust our offer accordingly.


We’ve carefully selected smart materials that have the ability to aid and enhance your activity, thanks to innovations derived from nature that optimise natural performance properties such as thermoregulation and sweat wicking.

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We use materials that are made from yarns that are engineered to biodegrade at enhanced rates. The material is converted at a molecular level and broken down to naturally occurring byproducts like those generated from food waste, which can then be transferred into renewable energy. Biodegradable designs ensure no trace at the end of the products lifecycle.


We create technical clothing from yarn that has been created entirely from recycled plastic bottles, combined with the most environmentally friendly dying and finishing processes, with no compromise on the performance of the fabrics.

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