Adicta Lab


We’re addicts. Continuously craving that feeling, that riding gives us. It’s not simply joy, pain or freedom. It’s something deeper. It’s everything at once, somehow. It unites us.

To realise that feeling, you need a clear mind with no distractions - from your thoughts, from modern life, from the bike you're riding, from what you’re wearing. Then it’s just you and the road, aligned, in some state of connected perfection. We want it, time and time and time again. We’re ADICTA LAB and we’re chasing those moments.

Our Lab is about achieving this. We make technical cycling apparel that is just as much about performance, as it is about the environment. Constantly rethinking and innovating, we bring new solutions that will improve your riding experience, with reduced impact on the nature we love to ride in.

Right now we:

  • Only work with factories and suppliers that offer high level conditions to their work force
  • Have a focussed product offering, with nothing unnecessary, and reduced waste
  • Make better with less
  • Use timeless design and invest in quality fabrics and workmanship to ensure that every item is made to last
  • Choose next generation fabrics and technologies that support an environmentally green and clean future

The world around us is changing and we’ve all got to step up. We’re committed to creating “sustainable cycling apparel designed to fit a faster, better future” and we will constantly re-evaluate and evolve our processes, in order to continuously reduce our environmental impact. We are learning, adapting and evolving, just like you.

Inspired by and innovated in Switzerland, crafted in Europe

From icy mountain peaks, to tropical lakesides lined with palms, and rolling hills through vineyards; for a small country, Switzerland has an enormous diversity of landscapes, nature and weather. Our Lab, first and foremost, is our surroundings. One of the greatest riding environments in the world is on the doorstep of ADICTA LAB HQ, with iconic climbs like the Furka Pass and the Nufenen just 1 hour away. The HQ itself is based in the Swiss Jura’s region of the three lakes, rich in cycling history. We ride these roads every day, they inspire, test and provide real world validation. On days where the weather conditions are less than favourable, the Swiss Cycling velodrome is just across the road and provides excellent grounds for simulation and aerodynamics.

Our Lab is also where our ideas are stitched together, bringing products to life. When an item of clothing is in sample phase, it goes through a rigorous testing process by real riders in exactly the conditions it was imagined and designed for. Based a short distance away, we are proud to count Cadel Evans, Tour de France winner and four-time Olympian, as one of our brand ambassadors involved in the testing, feedback and development of ADICTA LAB products. A garment is only given the green light to go to market once it has passed intensive testing and been approved by ourselves and highly regarded, experienced riders that we trust.

All ADICTA LAB garments are crafted in Europe, at a factory regarded as one of the most talented in the research and manufacturing of performance cycling apparel.

From conception, to development and all the way through to production, every item of ADICTA LAB clothing has been influenced and made by highly skilled people, passionate about cycling and a desire to create high quality, technical products.