The velodrome is all about speed, maximising aerodynamics and optimizing efficiency. Our Track Series has all you need to finish first.
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The velodrome is all about speed, maximizing aerodynamics and optimizing efficiency. Track cycling requires powerful legs and an equally responsive bike to instil confidence at tremendous speeds but nimble enough to keep you out of trouble when the bumping begins. Start strong, race smart and finish first with our track series.

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The Trackmachine 01 FRS is the highly refined, stunningly engineered core of your ultimate track bike. With a rich heritage on the boards, its efficiency and adjustability continue to impress, and it's a bike that can quickly and easily be adapted for numerous track disciplines. Built from Premium Carbon and invested with our Vmax Aero Design technology, it features a Hinge Design fork, sliding rear dropouts, a threaded bottom bracket shell, plus an adjustable Aero Seatpost and integrated stem

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Trackmachine AL One

Our aluminium Trackmachine AL ONE is a complete track bike for all reasons. Tough enough to endure daily training sessions and refined enough for serious competition, it was born for the boards. Its Premium Aluminium frame benefits from Vmax Aero Design, and the Carbon fork features subA Aero technology. It comes with a Carbon Airfoil seatpost, aluminium cockpit, MICHE Pista drivetrain, and DT Swiss wheelset. Just add pedals for addictive excitement.