Aero / Triathlon

For ultimate speed and efficiency, look no further. BMC’s aerodynamically optimised bikes are perfectly integrated and ultra-adjustable.
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BMC’s aero bikes will get you there faster. Period. Optimised aero shapes, intuitive system integration and generous adjustability are all hallmarks of our aero collection, and are crucial in achieving the perfect fit for the highest of speeds. For those with the need for speed, look no further.

Timemachine Road 01 image image

Timemachine Road 01

Aerodynamics always matter, and optimising aerodynamics by integrating components unlocks free speed. Add ruthless efficiency, precise handling and refined comfort, and you have the Timemachine Road 01. At its core, the TCC Speed, Premium Carbon frame and fork incorporate the Aero Module, front brake Aero Cover, ICS Aero bar and stem, Aero seatpost and Stealth Cable Routing.

Timemachine 01 Disc image image

Timemachine 01 Disc

The Timemachine 01 Disc is the latest evolution of our all-conquering, drag-defying race machine. Its highly sophisticated aerodynamics, adjustability and component integration ensure you can perform at your best. The Vmax Aero Design Premium Carbon frame includes aero disc calliper covers, sliding dropouts, rear storage, a dual position seatpost and our Flat Cockpit with Profile Design T4+ Carbon extensions.

Roadmachine AMP One image image

Roadmachine AMP One

The Roadmachine AMP has hidden power thanks to Mahle's benchmark, ultra-compact hub drive unit, which has a leading power-to-weight ratio. While it looks, handles and performs like a Roadmachine, this e-road bike assists you through the tough parts so you can achieve more. The internal battery can be removed from the TCC Endurance Premium Carbon frameset, and there’s a Premium Carbon D-Shape seatpost and ICS1 stem for day-long comfort.